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Supporting Organisations

The Bombe Rebuild Project wish to offer grateful thanks the following companies who have contributed to our Rebuild

  •      Quantel – our first sponsor
  • Nortel – for being a sponsor, for copying rare and original blueprints, for helping the project by manufacturing precision parts and for making available space at Harlow for our teams to operate.

Professor Roger Needham CBE

  • THE NEEDHAM CHARITABLE TRUST – BBC Report for providing the funding for the Project in general and for cabinets and display material to better present our Rebuild and associated equipment at Bletchley Park.


  • Revvo Castors – For providing refurbished early 1940s Castors exactly as originally supplied to BTM. http://www.revvo.co.uk/
  • Henry Isaac Iron Founders – Steel Castings and heavy steel section
  • PARSELL of Nottingham – For manufacturing and supplying a special Punch and Die to make the fixing holes for switches in our switch panels.
  • Warwick University/Rover – Rapid Prototyping Centre – for producing casting patterns using their latest technology.
    More about the Rapid Prototyping Centre
  • ADVANCED Sheet Metal Engineering Limited – for producing many plates and precision internal components.  http://www.advanced-sheet-metal.co.uk/
  • World Metal Index -Sheffield who kindly investigated the definitions of 1940s metals and provided information relating to modern equivalents.
  • Andrew Castle – For manufacturing 130 main brush holder shafts including difficult spiral oil grooves
  • Shaws Metals Limited, Derby – For the supply of flat steel bar
  • Essex Heat Treatment, Witham – For hardening numerous steel working parts
  • CAB Engineering, Newbury – who Manufactured a complex insert from which the menu plug mould could be made


  • Autodesk for providing the AutoCAD® software that has enabled us to redraw the original and fading Bombe blueprints and create new assembly drawings.
  • Tufnol Ltd. – Perry Bar, Birmingham who have supplied the material used to cover the mechanisms and cableforms on the front of the machine.www.tufnol.com
  • Uddeholm  Oldbury for providing Swedish Iron for use in relay coil cores and other magnetic circuits  www.uddeholm.com


  • Kepston Limited – Wednesbury  for annealing the soft iron used in the relay coils above    www.kepston.co.uk

  • LETCHWORTH POLISHING AND PLATING CO LTD – Works Road, for plating external parts on the front of the machine
  • A&G Walden Bros. Ltd. – Heavy Welding and drawing materials.

  • SYNFLEX – Banbury, Who provided large quantities of enamelled copper wire with which we are winding new relay coils. E-mail; synflex@ukonline.co.uk
  • BRIG-AYD CONTROLS – Welwyn Garden City, For turning large numbers of small brass items on their CNC lathe. Email; sales@brig-aydcontrols.co.uk


  • JOHN BURN & Co (B’ham) LTD – Birmingham for supply various types of moulding compounds. http://www.johnburn.co.uk
  • SIBA (UK) Ltd.  –   http://www.sibafuses.com – Loughborough, who supplied all our fuse clips, used in our case as resistor clips, and special DC cartridge fuses.
  • BEECHCRAFT Ltd. – Midsomer Norton, For making the menu plug moulds and provided moulding expertise.

  • Digital Television Systems – Kingsclere, Newbury, for loaning us a vacuum chamber


  • Interlube Systems Limited (UK) –  St. Modwen Road, Parkway Industrial Estate, Plymouth Devon, PL6 8LH – Supplied drawings and vital information for our lubrication system   http://www.interlubesystems.co.uk/


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