The Bombe Rebuild Project wish to offer grateful thanks the following people who have contributed materially or financially to our Rebuild


Mr. Kennedy McConnell – RAF Engineer who maintained Bombes during W.W.II
Mr. Philip Bellamy – Now living in Switzerland
Peter Briggs – Ex ICL Supporter
Mary Moore – Bombe Operator on Brussels in Belgium Bay D Watch Eastcote– For donating the proceeds of a lecture she gave
The Punched Card Reunion Group and Adrian Turner in particular


Mary also needs to be thanked for organising an appeal in September 1998 which resulted in a considerable income to our project.


The list of people,mostly but not exclusively WRNS, who were kind enough to give a donation at that time and since is below


Mrs. E M Andrews Mrs. S Ault Mrs. J E Aylard
Mrs. J M Bailey Mrs. J Beecham Mrs. S M Berry
Mrs. P A Blagrove Mrs. R Bourne Mrs. P Brockbank
Mrs. A B Brooke-Taylor Mrs. S M Cannon Mrs. D E Church
Mrs. G V D Cleary Mrs. J M Cretney Mrs. H Dando
Mrs. Roma Davies Mrs. M J Davis Mrs. E A Dawes
Mrs. B J Denmark Mrs. J F Dixon Mrs. P M Downing
Mrs. M H Erskine-Tullock Mr. R Fitzgerald Mrs. V Fox
Mrs. M E Francis Mrs. J M Heddle Mrs. G W Hewitt
Dr J S Hodson Sqn Ldr K G Hodson Mrs. B Hutchcroft
Mrs. E L Innes Mrs. R M Jenner Mrs. J Lescure
Mrs. J Linley Mrs. M M Louth Mrs. P Kok
Mrs. J.W. Lymbery Mrs. C V Lyons Mrs. P Mack
Mrs. B Martin Mrs. P M May Mrs. A M McNish
Mrs. G L Merrett Mrs. M. Moore Mrs. B V Murray
Mrs. S A Newick Mr. E F Nowill Mrs. Jeanne O’Brien
Mrs. S Odber Miss D. Payne Mrs. N M Perry
Mrs. E Petherbridge Mrs. M Pollard Mrs. A S Pulley
Mrs. A D Read Mrs. B M Reading Mrs. G M Reitmeier
Mrs. M Rodgers Mrs. J M Rooke Dr J W Salkeld
Mrs. L Schult Mrs. M Shaw Mrs. F M Simkin
Mrs. J L Smail Mrs. D M Smith Mrs. D St John- Brooks
Mrs. L H Steel Mrs. E Stephen Mrs. R J Stewart
Mrs. B H E Stockwell Miss M A Surman Mrs. J D Terry
Mrs. M Tyrrell Mrs. C M Waterhouse Mrs. L Wilkinson
Miss A A Wind Mrs. J C Winson Mrs. A Wolynskyj
Lady J R Wood Mrs. B M M Wright Mrs. Mary E Wright
Mrs. W J Wyatt    


From the United States of America we have received help with information and rare components


Jennifer Wilcox
Phil Bochicchio
Alan Klein
Brian Westfall
Don Huff


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