Due to the generosity of the Sponsors mentioned on another page of this WEB site, List of Sponsors we were able to keep going throughout the project without running into funding problems. We then received another generous contribution that covered the Display aspects of our machine at Bletchley Park. However further funding is still essential in the long run for maintenance and repair. We have most of the essential spares but not a full complement and this will need to be tackled if the machine is to be run regularly in the future.


Our original strategy was to raise significant funding from a small number of major sponsors. Over the years, we were not very successful with this approach but instead, we were very successful in raising sufficient funds to keep moving forward without any delay to the programme from numerous smaller donations. This together with generous help from companies and individuals kept us moving forward resulting in the completion of a fully working machine.


Our general approach with this rebuild is to make it as close to the original as is realistically possible but at the same time, we are fully aware that total conformity cannot always be achieved. Changes to items such as the heavy horizontal bars were all taken on their merits and in the case of the bars we chose a small deviation. The original cost estimate for all four finished bars was over £12,000. Using metric precision stock bar and substituting dowels for rebates, plus making our own jig and using our own effort has reduced this to less than £1000. This was perhaps our most significant deviation because as the work progressed we became more able to conform fully to the original parts drawings. We now claim the machine to be around 99% correct to drawing. Where there are deviations this is documented and will be put on record.


During the earlier construction phases, we were rather short of ‘hands-on’ help and we would very much like more. However, over the years our number grew considerably and the list of people actively involved passed sixty. However, we can still use more help in certain areas. We would like to hear from anybody who would like to be trained as an operator. Ideally, a candidate would live within realistic distance of Bletchley.

If you can help please contact the project at

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