This project has bought together many people who shared a common interest in the history of the early 1940s. Naturally, a great number of anecdotes and other points of interest have been revealed.

Letters of appreciation written at the end of the war are being copied and we have details of reunions that took place.

There is a need to pull all these items of information together and present them at BP along with the Bombe.


Many readers will know that most BTM employees became ICL pensioners and ended their career by being placed in either the Nortel or the Fujitsu/ICL pensions fund. We have produced various articles and letter, which have appeared in Nortel’s Diary or for those in the ICL scheme or those who have become ‘ honorary’ members in Bits & Bytes. People who receive Bits and Bytes were aware of the ‘Punched Card Reunion’ held at intervals in Stevenage or Letchworth. At the October 2000 meeting, we gave a presentation on the Rebuild, which was well received. Afterwards we received a generous donation for which I would like to add a public thank-you. Updates on progress and completion have been given at all subsequent meetings.

Returning to Nortel Pensioners, some of our team are eligible to be members of the Harlow Quarter Century Club – STL Chapter. In past years; in November a dinner is held at Harlow.. Each year a theme is chosen and at the 1999 event, the theme was Codebreaking and Enigma. This obviously raised a lot of interest in our project.

As mentioned elsewhere we also have articles and requests for assistance appearing in the C.C.S. magazine Resurrection .

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